PC (polycarbonate)


PC (polycarbonate)

Typical Applications:

Protection equipment (protective windows, aircraft cabin covers, helmets, protective masks, sunglasses, and sport-use eye masks, etc.), electrical equipment (computer components, connectors, lighting equipment, food processors, refrigerator drawers, junction boxes, sockets, plugs and sleeve conversion devices, gaskets, TV sets, telephone line holders under the communications cable connectors, electrical brake chambers, switchboards, relay cases, motors, vacuum cleaners, coffee machines, toasters, power tool handles, gears, shaft sleeves, guide gauges, refrigerator shelves, telephone shells and parts, miner's lamp battery shells, video recorders, telephone exchangers), automobile industry (front and rear lights, dashboards, former lamp-shades, dam-boards in the front and tail of the car, rear-view mirror frames, door frames, operating lever sheaths, choke-flow plates, etc.), building materials (hollow boards, coil framework, pipe insulator, insulation casing, etc.), medical and health care (blood sample collection equipment, blood oxygenators, high-pressure syringes, surgical masks, disposable dental appliances, blood separators, cups, tubes, bottles, dental instruments, drug containers, artificial organs such as artificial kidneys and lungs, kidney dialyzers, etc.), film (printing charts, medical packaging, film commutators), sign plates (gasoline pump dials, car dashboards, warehouses and open-air business sign plates, slide indicators),recyclable bottles, optical lens (lens for cameras, telescopes, microscopes, projector lens, duplicators, infrared automatic focus lenses, laser printers, and a variety of prisms, faceted reflectors, etc.), and optical discs (CDs).


Injection Molding Process Conditions:

Drying treatment: Since PC material has considerable hygroscopicity, drying before processing is very important. The suggested drying time lasts 3 ~ 4 hours within the temperature range of 100 to 200. The dried moisture should be less than 0.02%.

Melting temperature: 260 ~ 340.

Mold temperature: 70 ~ 120.

Injection pressure: as high as possible.

Injection speed: low speed injection for small pouring gates and high speed injection for other types of pouring gates.


Chemical and Physical Properties:

PC is an amorphous engineering material with excellent impact resistance, thermal stability, gloss, bacterial inhibition, flame retardant property and pollution resistance. The gap of PC’s notched Izod impact resistance is very high, and the shrinkage rate is very low, normally between 0.1% and 0.2%. PC has good mechanical properties, but poor flow performance, so its injection process is difficult. For choosing the quality type of PC materials, the final expectation of the product should be the benchmark. If the plastic requirements have a high impact resistance, then the low-flow-rate PC material is to be used; conversely, the PC material with high flow rate can be used to optimize the injection molding process.

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